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Hologram Board Games R Us!

HoPLAY has created a whole new board game experience!


HoPLAY is a pioneering brand creating a brand new board game experience uses the most current technology to develop a new educational platform for children. It’s the first in the world to develop a dynamic board game that incorporates holograms. HoPLAY brings the current generation a new way of fun and games. By using 3D effects, projection techniques, light, sounds and movement, HoPLAY has made board games come alive with JUST AN IPAD! We wish to create a more lively and exciting atmosphere for family and friends to bond, a fun way for kids to learn and most importantly, an option that is less harmful to the eyes for children that are attached to handheld devices.

HoPLAY’s first board game is Queen Strike. New games are being developed and MIRAX are constantly improving and innovating new ideas. As a consumer, all you need to do is update our game APP regularly (for FREE!) or purchase other new game pieces and you will be able to enjoy all the latest cool inventions. 

Games Fun Fest

Interactive Learning - quality time spent together with friends and family has an educational and meaningful purpose.

Cool holograms that won’t damage the eyes

SGS tests show that looking at these holograms have 88% less harmful blue light compared to looking directly at tablets!


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